How to Use Dark Mode In NuxtJS with Nuxtlabs UI

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use toggle dark and light mode in nuxt 3 Nuxtlabs UI. Before we begin, you need to install and configure Nuxtlabs UI in NuxtJS.

How to Install Nuxtlabs UI in Nuxt 3

You can easily build a color mode button by using the useColorMode composable from @nuxtjs/color-mode.

<script setup>
const colorMode = useColorMode()

const isDark = computed({
  get () {
    return colorMode.value === 'dark'
  set () {
    colorMode.preference = colorMode.value === 'dark' ? 'light' : 'dark'

      :icon="isDark ? 'i-heroicons-moon-20-solid' : 'i-heroicons-sun-20-solid'"
      @click="isDark = !isDark"

    <template #fallback>
      <div class="w-8 h-8" />
toggle dark and light mode in nuxt 3
toggle dark and light mode in nuxt 3
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