How to Use Avatar in SvelteKit with Shadcn UI

In this tutorial, we will create avatar in SvelteKit with shadcn-svelte. Before we begin, you need to install and configure Shadcn UI in SvelteKit.

How to Install Shadcn UI in SvelteKit

To use Avatar you need to shadcn-svelte add avatar.

npx shadcn-svelte@latest add avatar
# or 
npx shadcn-svelte@latest add

Using Shadcn-Svelte, create a basic avatar with the Avatar.Image and Avatar.Fallback components in SvelteKit.

<script lang="ts">
  import * as Avatar from "$lib/components/ui/avatar";
  <Avatar.Image src="" alt="@shadcn" />
shadcn-svelte add avatar
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